• Tom Caune: Education, Licensing and Dedication to Clients

  • Posted on June 09, 2016
  • Having a successful career in law enforcement means getting a proper education, licensing and most of all dedication to the clients in need. Tom Caune represents all of these attributes. He began his education at Central Piedmont Community College. It was there that he graduated with his Associate's Degree in Police Science. While he was pursuing his degree, he realized that he excelled in his political science studies and this confirmed for him what he already had anticipated in his mind that the field in which he would pursue a career would be law enforcement. After Piedmont, he then went on to earn his Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Pfeiffer University. Tom Caune would use the knowledge he gained from these institutes to help him to do well during his early law enforcement career both for himself and his clients. He then was able to gain knowledge in a more practical way after his education through his jobs as a law enforcement officer, corporate investigator, director of loss prevention, and private investigator.

    Tom Caune is currently a law enforcement officer with over thirty years of experience in the field and has shown a consistent desire to improve his work in order to provide more for his clients that rely on him to help them at their times of need. Whether it be specialized licensing or certifications, Tom Caune has shown his deep respect for the responsibilities of the work he does and is dedicated to the importance of doing his job excellently.

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